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[02 May 2004|10:07am]

What Name Should You Have? by Lauren

I think someone i know said they wanted to name their kid that... okay that was pointless.

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
Your Sex Drive Level Is.. - 98%
This QuickKwiz by eva71 - Taken 107428 Times.
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[02 May 2004|10:02am]
Did anyone else notice that Beyonce has sudden spasms during her "Naughty Girl" video?  Sudden twitches should not be used in such a manner.
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... last couple of days... [20 Apr 2004|09:20pm]

Uhm. Let's see... Saturday, Dance practice all day then worked on my research paper. What a fine way to end my break.  Sunday, I went to Livonia for a dance competition.. We did awesome, but this competition was... cheesy.  It was definatley not as classy as the last one. Anyways, we got gold and high silver for the two dances we brought to it... and the rest of the studio did great too... So.. thats how I ended my fabulous break.


Monday. Didn't want to be at school, but I was of course... Everyone was so tired.. Today, I didn't do anything extraordianary at school either.. but we started playing ping pong and all the easy junk like bowling in gym... which is great cuz I hate PE second hour... Anyways. So then I went to dance.. listened to the competition's critique tapes that the juges left comments on while we danced... and they didn't have much to say.. probably more compliments than "critiques"... so yeah. That's my Tuesday.


So.. Now I'm eating cookies and so I'm just gonna stop talking now....



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[16 Apr 2004|09:06pm]

PeRfEcT GuYy...
1:; hair color - whatever he wants O=]

2:; eye color - anything that stands out
3:; height - Taller than me would be nice.. but thats usually not the way the cute guys flow..
4:; six pack -OoO YeaH! =]

5:; long or short hair - I like it long.. but then some guys just aren't long hair kind of guys...
6:; glasses - As long as they aren't an inch thick...
7:; piercings - Sure...

8:; scars - Not all over.. but yeah a few are nice
9:; eyebrows - Uhhmm.. idk.. maybe peirced..

10:; big butt or little - whatever suits them =P
11:; chest hair - Suuure.. as long as it isn't longer than the hair on my head pshh
12:; buff or skinny - Buffff : ) Just don't over-do it.. I'm so picky lOl
13:; straight teeth, gap, or braces - Straight teeth. I'm a smile person. Haha...
14:; funny or serious - Both, but only at the right times...
15:; party or stay at home - Party.. unless we're not in the mood.. i don't mind stayin home... 
16:; should he cook or bake -  Uhm.
17:; should he have a best friend - Everyone should : )
18:; should he have a lot of girlfriends - idc... as long as it isn't at the same time as me : )

19:; outgoing or shy - Mmmm.. medium
20:; sarcastic or sincere - Both.. at the right time...
21:; should he love his mother? - Haha..... yeah...
22:; should he watch chick flicks? - Not for his enjoyment... for me, yeah lOl
23:; would he be a smoker? - No
24:; would he drink? - uhhh how much?
25:; would he swear? - Who doesn't?

26:; would he play with your hair?- Yes : )
27:; one or more girls at a time - No.
28:; would he pay for dates? - Haha.. If he wants.. 
29:; does he kiss on the first date?- Sure : )

30:; where would you go to dinner? - I don't care...
31:; would he bring you flowers?- Yes : ) Haha I feel so selfish..

32:; would he lay under the stars with you?- Yes.
33:; would he write poetry about you? - If that's his thing...
34:; would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby? - All of the above O= )
35:; would he hang out with you and YOUR friends? - Sure.
36:; would you hang out with him and HIS friends? - Sure.
37:; will he walk you to the door at the end? – Yes : )

38:; holding hands – Yes.
39:; soccer - Sure...
40:; baseball - Sure...
41:; basketball - Sure....
42:; football - Sure...
43:; water polo – If that's what really floats his boat... Sure...
44:; surf – Mmm.. That's a plus : )
45:; skateboard - That's a plus
46:; snowboard - Sure...
47:; sing - lOl.. Sure... 
48:; play guitar - Yeah...
49:; play piano - idc..
50:; play drums - Yeah...
51:; clean his room - idc..

52:; paint, draw, sculpt - Sure...

53:; writes his own music - idc...

54:; use the word dude – lOl.. since I do ... I guess I can't say he's not allowed...
55:; use the word tight – idc...

56:; would he watch the sun rise with you - Yeah.

57:; what kind of car does he drive - Sporty car or truck.. not like a mini-van... lOl

58:; how old is he - Close to my age...

59:; what would his name be - Duno..


That was really worth my time....



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Eeeek! [16 Apr 2004|02:03pm]

My doggy just came home from the groomer people. And guess what!!


He got a new bandana, but not just any ordinary bandana.  It's a NEMO bandana!! With Dory on it too! Aw I'm so excited. =D




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Oh god. [14 Apr 2004|11:43am]
I feel guilty coming back to write in here after I haven't for so long... but uhm I've been busy. Yeah, I know, bad excuse. But I was stressed with dance competition practices and an everlasting research assignment. So I'm sorry, but I'll be writing more and more from here on out- Promise.

Get this. The world's largest McDonalds is located on I-44 at Vinita, Oklahoma. It goes from one side of the interstate to the other, passing over the interstate.

I've been there. Twice. Go me. Being from a hillbilly family really pays off. Go figure.. World's largest McDonalds..

So I'm off to finish the last bit of editing on my research project and maybe I'll write later.

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[02 Mar 2004|03:57pm]
Guys have this goddamn thing called an ego.

It makes me sick.
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[19 Feb 2004|03:49pm]


Who wants to see somthing hilarious? The more comments I get the more likley I am to post it.



* I'll post a pic entry later.. I have alot to show... = ] *


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New Layout, New Friends Only Banner... [25 Jan 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Yes, another friends only journal:

1. Comment
2. Add Me
3. I'll Add You Back

- Reasons Why You Should Not Even Ask To Be Added -

1. YeW tHiNk TyPiNg LyKe DiS iS "KeWt"
2. You Don't Comment
3. You Don't Care About Anything I Have To Say, You Are Just Using Me To Make Your Friends List Bigger
4. You Expect Me To Comment On Every Single One Of Your Entries



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Decided To Post Public Today... [17 Dec 2003|08:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today was fun, as I predicted.. mostly because I had no homework = ].. hung my 100% math test on the fridge today :D! Oooo Yeah!

Lol anyways.. I wrote you a little story..

Once upon a time...Collapse )

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POLICE LINE: DO NOT CROSS [14 Dec 2003|08:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay, so I went overbaord, but it's all the more reason to comment and be added, right?

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Too bad it had to come to this... [25 Nov 2003|11:21pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Yep, that's right. Friends only. Got to many mo-fo's reading this. I need a place where mostly people I either trust alot, or hardly know will read what I have to say without the drama. Sorry to happy viewers who never did anything, but let's just say a couple of idiots ruined it for everyone. So I needed a private place to just let it out, and vent anything at all. I'll still post public entries every now and then so have no fear, I still love you all.


P.S. Radom LJ stranger friends are cool with me, so leave a comment and I'll be more then happy to let you into my world, after all, I'm not as horrible as some partray.

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To whom it concerns: [23 Nov 2003|11:42am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I hear you're talking smack, but I couldn't give a flying frick, because you know you're idiots. So you all can kiss my ASS. It just shows how JEALOUS you are and how insecure you are about yourself. Get a LIFE.

Yes, I know you read this so don't go about thinking it was for someone else. I seriously don't give a shit if you do read it, because once again, it shows your own insecurities. Have a nice life.

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[22 Nov 2003|10:54pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Just devloped a new obsession. Blinkies. I can make easy ones a*k*a the stars at the top of my journal and some other ones that move/flash/etc. Im such a dork.

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Pics of my Darling Spunky! [22 Nov 2003|01:04pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Sorry for the bad photography.. hes not a good poser. Heh. Ne ways click below to see em.. hes about to get a bath after the washer is done....

SpunkyCollapse )

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Ahh [21 Nov 2003|03:10pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I must have used like 921743202482104 tissues today. My nose hurts. I've been eating keebler fudge stripe cookies alll day.. I'm gonna get so fat. Hmm. I'm bored. I was just reading Hound Of The Baskervilles and it took me like an hour to read one chapter. Wow, I have a short attention span. I still got another chapter to go to be caught up. I hope I didn't miss anyhting good at school =o/

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[21 Nov 2003|10:40am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So. Here I am. Sick. Again. At home. Wanting to be at school, but I'm not. I'm at home. Wahhhh!

I'm gettin sick of gameshows and I think I'm hungry but I'm not sure. I ain't makin ne thing. I'll prolly sneeze on it. This is G-A-Y.

What will your Funeral be like? by rashock
You will die by:Mysterious unsolved murder. The killer was never found and neither was your body. Your casket is empty and you family mourns till this day in hopes that you are still alive or died a swift death.
Death Date:January 25, 2013
Number attending your funeral?43
How much will you leave to friends and family?$2,890,869
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Ahh! I have ten years to live =o[
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* Sighhh * [20 Nov 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I'm sorry your feeling sad again. It's not fair.

Sorry just had to put that. It was bugging me. Anyways, the main purpose of writing was DADDY'S CAME FROM VIRGINIA TODAY!!

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* Sick * [20 Nov 2003|09:25pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well.. I got sick last night, woke up and thought I would make it through the day, but when I started having to get up every 5 seconds for a tissue till I used them all, I decided I just wanna go home. So I did. Hah. I watched the newlywed game and then fell asleep, woke up and did h/w then went to sleep again. I woke up later and the clock said 5:30 and I look out the window and it was pitch black. I'm like "Crap! I have homwork and haven't taken a shower and school is in like 2 hours. And heather's on the phone now.. K she hung up. Sooo yeah back to my story. So I went online and asked nadir if it was AM or PM and yippee it was PM still. I hate being sick. Its so stupid. What's the point? Ahh. I wanna go to school. And then mabe go to the dance then maybe go do somthing. I wanna be free on my friday :o( Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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YiKeZ! [19 Nov 2003|09:40pm]

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